• Learn how to make customized apparel with your smartphone

    Posted on May 30 2016

    The funny tshirt industry has had its ups and downs throughout the years. It seems like only yesterday when wearing an “I’m with stupid” shirt seemed the hippest and coolest...

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  • It's March. You ready for the Madness?

    Posted on March 03 2016

    The dance begins March 15th.  What's better than a beautiful looking bracket? The kind of bracket that puts your team in all the way to the end? Until they're cutting...

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  • We're with Tim.

    Posted on March 01 2016

    Dear Tim Cook, Thank you for taking a stand. We love our phones. We love the internet. We use the internet to make great shirts. We’ll be with you today....

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  • How to Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day

    Posted on February 25 2016

    It's easy! Start with a shirt.  If you live where it's warm or you have a cardigan, consider a tank.  If it is still cold in your state, your town,...

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  • Wintour is Coming - Fall Out Boy + Yoshirt

    Posted on February 23 2016

    Two days until Wintour is Coming starts. Wintour is Coming! Wintour is Coming this week! The tour starts this Friday in San Juan. From the very first show at Coliseo de...

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  • Up Your Fan Game

    Posted on February 18 2016

     Kyle Ross (@ModelcitizenKB) with Taylor Swift, just living the dream. What will you be wearing when you meet your hero? We’re pretty sure it should be a fan tee. After all, what’s...

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  • It's Election Time, America!

    Posted on February 16 2016

    We've been feeling our civic duty pulling on our heart strings lately... and we've been wearing that pride on our shirt sleeves. The voting booth might be private, but who...

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  • Kanye, You OG, Make Your Own Cool Pants

    Posted on February 11 2016

    Tweet Fighter: Wiz VS Yeezy We all saw it go down on Twitter: Kanye teased his new album. Wiz confused Kanye by tweeting about Kk. The battle ensued: Kanye's creative genius VS...

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  • It's Time to Make Your Broncos Super Bowl Victory Shirt

    Posted on February 07 2016

    Peyton came through. He kissed Papa John. Dreams became real. And that stingy Denver defense didn't hurt our hearts any either. Now that Sunday, February 7, 2016 will never be...

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  • Are You Ready to Celebrate a Win this Sunday?

    Posted on February 05 2016

        The big game's this Sunday. The snacks are going to be on the table. We'll be on the couch. We've got our fan gear all set. We're ready...

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  • Last Call for Valentine’s Day Orders!

    Posted on January 31 2016

    Get your order in today and you’ll be snuggling with your custom gear on the 14th or you’ll be all set for gifting it to your significant other, if that’s...

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  • An Unsentimental Valentine’s Day

    Posted on January 28 2016

    Valentine’s Day Gifts with Some Edge The corner stores might be full of fluffy teddy bears and sticky sweet pinks, but that doesn’t mean your own heart needs to be....

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  • How To Thrive as a Single on Valentine's Day

    Posted on January 26 2016

    It's peanut-butter-solo-froyo time. Not every year is a solo year, but when it is — revel in it. All too soon, you'll have a significant other and you'll have to...

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  • What to Get Your Girl for Valentine's Day - A Gift Guide

    Posted on January 21 2016

    Updates on 6 Classic Valentine's Day Gifts When we started to think about the best Valentine's Day gifts, we couldn't shake the classics from our minds. Flowers are great, but...

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  • What to Get a Guy for Valentine's Day - A Gift Guide

    Posted on January 20 2016

    Four Ways to Nail Valentine's Day This Year    1. Show him you get him.    Aqua Zaa shirt and Lameboy sweatshirt from the Polka What Collection      2. Help him rep his favorite...

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  • Meet the Artist - Stanley Chow

    Posted on January 15 2016

    "Always do things you want to do and be good at it and people will ask you to do the things you love doing." Stanley Chow Illustrator Born Manchester, EnglandLives...

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  • Meet the Artist - Ali Sabet

    Posted on January 13 2016

    Ali Sabet - Painter and DesignerFrom - IranLives In - Irvine, California A day in the studio with Ali Sabet. Video from Unititled Projekt by Mahyar Alahyari.   I’m on the phone with Ali Sabet—he’s talking...

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  • BEYGOODco — Artist Profile

    Posted on January 12 2016

    Emily Gillis of BEYGOODco - Illustrator and Designer From Toronto, CanadaCurrently in Toronto The BEYGOODco collection in a nutshell? It’s pop culture themed. Lots of funny puns on pop culture — viral...

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  • OfficialSeanPenn Gives T-Pain a T-Pain T-Shirt

    Posted on January 08 2016

    "I am looking good on me!" We were in the car with @officialseanpenn as she drove over to T-Pain’s hotel so she could hand-deliver a T-Pain shirt she made for...

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  • Squad Goals, Squad Shirts

    Posted on January 02 2016

    Alone we fall. Together we trust fall. You’re not a real crew until you have real crew gear. Because, as we all know, team building boils down 100% to the...

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  • Show Some Serious Resolve in the New Year

    Posted on January 01 2016

    Hello, New Year, how are you? This year we decided that writing our list of resolutions on the back of a cocktail napkin doesn’t exactly scream LET'S DO THIS 2016, so we...

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  • Kid Art → Amazing Accessories

    Posted on December 29 2015

    How to turn your kid’s works of arts into awesome accessories. Kids are radical little humans. And they make tons of art. It looks great on the fridge or the...

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  • The Ugly Holiday Sweater Decision Matrix

    Posted on December 24 2015

    Every ugly holiday sweater is ugly in it’s own way. Some are more green. Some are more red. Some of them have humping reindeer on them. Some ugly holiday sweaters are...

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  • U Have Hope - There's Still Time for Last-Minute Gifts

    Posted on December 23 2015

    1. Design a Yoshirt. 2. Print an I-YO-U. Hope you're not stressing over Christmas gifts. We're not! All the Yoshirt sleighs have already left the building, but we're still hard at...

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  • The 2015 Yoshirt Holiday Gift Guide

    Posted on December 22 2015

    Gifting isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some ideas you can use if you freeze up and go blank. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.  ...

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  • What to Wear This December

    Posted on December 02 2015

    It’s a fun time. It’s December. We’re drinking cocoa. We’re wrapping gifts. And we’re wearing our favorite ugly holiday sweaters. Since we thought you might be worried about what to...

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  • Let’s Chat! with Yoshirt Creator Shantario Parks

    Posted on November 02 2015

    Shantario Parks has designed over 100 ridiculously great Yoshirt products. How does he do it? And what kind of reactions does he get when he goes out wearing his creativity?...

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  • The EWOK Collection - Custom Apparel, Faster, Better

    Posted on October 08 2015

    Earlier this week, globally renowned graffiti artist, EWOK painted three 8’ x 4’ panels in his Santa Ana studio. Today, he’s wearing a tshirt with a detail of the panel...

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  • EWOK - Quick Hit

    Posted on October 08 2015

    World Famous Grafitti Artist From: a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Currently in: Santa Ana, California What are you up to right now? Just now? I was installing one of those things on your...

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  • Cody Ko - Quick Hit

    Posted on September 17 2015

    Vine Creator and All-around Funny Guy From: Calgary, Canada Currently In: LA Your Yoshirt collection in a nutshell? They’re my face patterned in this crazy way. How long have you been...

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  • Cody Ko - Making Vines

    Posted on September 14 2015

      There’s not much to Cody Ko’s Vine-making. There’s no director or producer. It’s just him in the car with what he calls “a dumb idea.” He’s the one in...

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