Learn how to make customized apparel with your smartphone

Posted on May 30 2016

The funny tshirt industry has had its ups and downs throughout the years. It seems like only yesterday when wearing an “I’m with stupid” shirt seemed the hippest and coolest thing in the world. And to be quite frank it wasn’t even that long of a time ago, less than you would probably like to admit. Luckily, the tshirt industry has made several big leaps since then, none quite as big however, as offering the possibility for people to design their own apparel.

Offering each individual the opportunity to design their own clothes might seem like a problem humanity should have tackled a long time ago, that’s why, a couple of years ago, several companies decided to take it on. All of them failed. Luckily, technology has evolved a lot since then and people can finally make completely personalized clothing by using the Yoshirt App.

Yoshirt is the first and only mobile app that allows you to design your own clothing on your smartphone, get it printed and shipped to your address in a matter of days.

The free mobile app allows you to completely customize clothing with memes, selfies, and artwork. Most custom clothing companies have limited options, like only offering T-shirts, or allowing users to choose just from a few colors, or just allowing users to place the photo in the center of a shirt. Yoshirt however, allows you to completely manipulate your design.
You can choose from several different types of apparel like:


  • Tank Tops
  • Leggings
  • Boxer shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Pants
  • Bags
  • Socks

You can even make yourself a personalized iPhone case.

When it comes to designing options the Yoshirt app is second to none, it offers you complete freedom to create the piece of clothing you’ve always wanted.

You simply download the free Yoshirt app from the App store or Play store, choose a piece of apparel to your liking, design the sh*t out of it, enter your data and voilà! You’ve got yourself the piece of clothing you’ve always wanted.

Snap it, make it, wear it.


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