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Posted on October 08 2015

EWOK x Yoshirt

World Famous Grafitti Artist

From: a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Currently in: Santa Ana, California

What are you up to right now?

Just now? I was installing one of those things on your TV so you can get all the channels. I was trying to watch Monday Night Football, but that was hours ago. I’m stuck inside some kind of error loop. My two dogs are here and my neighbor’s dog is here so it’s a party at my place.

How’d you get started in graffiti?

When I was in college in Minneapolis, I would do random, stuff. I’d find little abandoned areas and do something quick. Then I met up with other graffiti artists. We’d go to this area where there were 20-something blocks of train track bridges and we’d paint down there all the time. It was my home for the summer and after classes I’d go and paint on the tracks.

What keeps you painting and doing graffiti?

I never really expected to get anything tangible out of it. I never would have guessed that I would have all these opportunities. I don’t know many other people who have friends in 15 different countries around the world. I just did it because it called to me. I just really loved doing it. There’s a certain satisfaction or rush I get out of completing a piece, in finding different places to paint, in being outside, at night, creeping around the city.

What evolutions are you currently undergoing in your work?

I’ve been kind of into doing these abstractions. I sort of had writer’s block with my phrase—I’d written it hundreds of thousands of times and I couldn’t think of new ways to do the letters over and over again, so I started adding all these details and textural elements. They were the fun part I’d do at the end after I got the structure in place. So, then I cut out the middle piece; I didn’t worry about doing the letter form; I just did all the fun stuff. Since I wasn’t constricted by having to make good letters, I was able to do this free-flowing improvisation. I could just go wherever it felt like to make an abstract form that look appealing without having to worry about the letters. So it’s not traditional letter-based work, it’s a devolved version of that.

What’s next for you?

I want to do a lot of large-scale murals in public areas with heavy traffic areas. I’d like to do some really big sides of buildings—four or five stories tall. I’d like to get some of those under my belt.

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