How To Thrive as a Single on Valentine's Day

Posted on January 26 2016

It's peanut-butter-solo-froyo time.

Not every year is a solo year, but when it is — revel in it. All too soon, you'll have a significant other and you'll have to worry about how to say you like them, but not too much. Or you'll have to figure out the difference between love-love and like-like.

Until then, enjoy the day with some self-love, some BFF love, and all the candy just for yourself. Here's how we're going to do it: 


1. Just keep it real. (Hey, we love what we love.)

Froyo and chill Anti-Valentine's Day Women's Racerback Tank with a bowl of froyo.


2. Revel in not having to share any of the candy! 


 Women's Blackout Hearct Candy Sweatshirt Candy Heart Leggings

Make your own candied Women's Blackout Crew Neck Sweatshirt and Leggings using the heart candy background in our app.


3. Make and wear matching leggings with the BFF. 

 Heart Leggings Heart Leggings


4. Fall in love just a little bit deeper with that celebrity crush.

90s Bill Clinton Stash Sack

The Bill Clinton Stash Sack from OfficialSeanPenn Yoshirt Collection. She's rightfully obsessed.


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