It's Election Time, America!

Posted on February 16 2016

We've been feeling our civic duty pulling on our heart strings lately... and we've been wearing that pride on our shirt sleeves. The voting booth might be private, but who you support with your political t-shirt is definitely not.

Civic Duty Vibes Tshirt

As South Carolina and Nevada get primed for their primary picks, we implore you: vote your shirt. Sure, the 2016 elections will actually come down to who jabs which chads behind that curtain, but when you sport a Dab'n Bernie t-shirt or show your support for the future mega battle of Bernzilla VS MechaTrump, you make our forefathers proud.

After all, designing your own t-shirt is pretty much the American way. 

Enough is enough! Bernie Racerback 

Show us your vote on Instagram with #Yoshirt. We're @yoshirtinc, and we'll show you ours back. 

Dream Team Sweatshirt


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