Up Your Fan Game

Posted on February 18 2016

 Kyle Ross (@ModelcitizenKB) with Taylor Swift, just living the dream.

What will you be wearing when you meet your hero? We’re pretty sure it should be a fan tee. After all, what’s better than meeting Taylor Swift, than meeting her while wearing a Taylor Swift shirt you made yourself? Make your own, then get yourself next to Ms. Swift as fast as you can. Until then, get inspired by these fans who've made it happen. 

Arianna Fan

@smilersquad with Ariana Grande, who loved her fan shirt so much she immediately sent a picture of it to Miley.

@bulletproof623 took it to the next level with a custom phone case of him with KISS wearing his KISS fan tank.

Make your fan dreams come true and when they do, show us your fan gear on Instagram with #Yoshirt. We’re @yoshirtinc and we’d love to share it.


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