It's March. You ready for the Madness?

Posted on March 03 2016

The dance begins March 15th. 

March Madness Bracket Tank - Yoshirt

What's better than a beautiful looking bracket? The kind of bracket that puts your team in all the way to the end? Until they're cutting the net with the 2016 NCAA Trophy in hand, tears in their eyes, fresh hats on their heads?

What's better than that? Knowing they'll win with the kind of confidence that'll order a shirt emblazoned with those predictions. It's the ultimate fan shirt: nothing says, "I told you so," or, "I knew it," or even, "Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk," quite like a shirt with a bracket printed on it, in your team colors, that you're wearing while you watch them win.

If you're that kind of confident, go all the way. Upload your bracket, pick your team colors and make your "Oh, I got this" gear.

March Madness KU Bracket Yoshirt Sweatshirt

That's not to say that pure confidence is the only way to play. You can support your team (and not your ability to predict the future) with some simply team colors. Or, hey, you could just show you love you some basketball.

March Madness Basketballs Yoshirt Tank

No matter which route you go, tag us with #Yoshirt and show us what you're wearing when your team wins. We'd love to share it. We're @yoshirtinc


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